The Park, NewCity’s culinary area, feature 11 restaurant spaces in a high-end food court setting featuring the best chefs from the region. A “guest kitchen” will take up one of these spaces where every few months, an internationally renowned chef will take over, preparing dishes that will amaze even the most demanding palates.

The culinary scene in Tijuana has steadily become one of the most interesting ones in Mexico. Tijuanenses are serious about their food and the diversity in the culinary options of the city is just an example of how far they are willing to go to satisfy their palates. You can find urban gastronomy on one hand and auteur dishes on the other, also, craft brew pubs, food carts, chic rooftop decks, food halls, trendy coffee houses and a plethora of restaurants with ground-breaking chefs. 

Baja Med restaurants, with their exquisite seafood dishes, have been attracting foodies from around the world, so has Ensenada and Valle de Guadalupe, a “Mexican Napa Valley” only an hour and a half away from Tijuana, with wineries and restaurants that have been getting serious attention from experts around the world.

Of course the wines from Valle de Guadalupe are going to be present in NewCity. Seasoned wine-lovers have been coming to Baja to enjoy the wines produced by wineries such as Monte Xanic, Villa Montefiori, Viñas de Garza and Vena Cava, among many others. Baja California produces nearly 70% of Mexico’s wines, which are creative and delicious. The Park will feature a wine bar with the best wines from the region, so you can try them without having to leave the plaza.

For the more adventurous guests, The Park will also have a speakeasy, a modern version of a Prohibition-era bar, where delicious cocktails will be prepared.

Wash Mobile Iconic street food in the most visited border city of the world.
Telera bread (bun) passed through the grill, mayonnaise, marinated meat, tomatoes, purple onion, lots of avocado and chile de árbol. These are the ingredients of a Wash Mobile torta.
Mouthwatering isn’t it?
Vexican Grill It comes to light this new concept ready to enchant the Mexican food lovers.
There’s a new audience interested in implementing a different lifestyle by practicing a vegan diet. At Vexican Grill you will find the best tacos, sopecitos, enchiladas, tortas and many other traditional Mexican food.
A unique proposal from the Chef Arturo Galvez, well-known for his vegan lifestyle and for being the owner of Tury’s vegan restaurant.
The Bar @ the Park
Signature mixology, carajillos, and craft beer and national beer. A complete atmosphere in one place.
Tepoznieves Natural mexican ice creams where you can find a variety of flavors.
Lion Fish A recognized seafood restaurant chain resulting in a mix between traditional cuisine and Baja Med style. We are considered the best seafood option in Tijuana by far. Always striving for high-quality customer service and the most fresh seafood for our guests.
La Botella You can find Mexican wines at affordable prices, delicious cheeses and cold meats to enjoy together as part of El Delicioso. José Café Signature coffee carefully selected to offer a unique and delicious taste every morning. A coffee shop with an excellent selection of coffee beans, teas and tisanes. Start your day with a cup of coffee and a smile.
La Carena Sushi
A concept that transforms from being a virtual sushi restaurant (Dark Kitchen) to finally having a physical location where you can enjoy the best quality and freshness in rolls, nigiris and temakis with local products.
Alma Verde A healthy menu created for anyone's diet: vegans, vegetarians, gluten and lactose intolerants; using the best seasonal local products.
Alma Verde creates dishes full of love so you can pamper yourself and live in harmony with the environment.
China Brava A unique and daring fusion of Chinese-Tijuana fast food, guaranteed to surprise any palate no matter how demanding it may be.
At China Brava we seek to please our guests. Enjoy Dishes prepared with the best Asian techniques and ingredients such as noodles, rice and sauces, without leaving the Tijuana influence behind while highlighting their acidic and spicy touches. All the dishes are created by the renowned Chef Adriana Montaño.
Oryx Express A gastronomic fusion characterized by an exquisite mix of flavors rooting all the way down to Baja California.
The presentation of dishes, condiments, flavors cooked over low heat, fresh ingredients, colors, and a truly creative concept is what Chef Ruffo offers to his guests.
Taqualli Urban Tacos. Live the experience of 100% rib eye meat. At Taqualli, we seek to provide a completely different taco experience, whether sirloin, rib eye, tripe, adobada, chorizo, marinated chicken, roasted portobello, etc. The secret is in the way we cook them! República Angus Here you will find the best hamburgers in Tijuana, made of 100% angus steak, rib eye, picaña, tomahawk and more meat cuts, as well as a great variety of shakes.

Try our star dishes, the Muñeco Gold and Tomahawk Gold hamburger, decorated with 24K gold leaf.

We invite you to our Republic!
BajaMed Introducing, Chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero, the Author of Baja-Med Cuisine and creator of a fusion of Mexican-Baja California food and Mediterranean cuisine. His passion for fishing, hunting and the countryside is his signature in every dish he prepares at BajaMed. La Casa de la Langosta Where you can enjoy abundant fresh and delicious lobster from the shores of Puerto Nuevo. Traditionally served with beans, rice and flour tortillas.

Try it today!
Gathering tastiest high-end
eateries under one roof
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at the Park


Tijuana’s Newest Food Hall Highlights Regional Restaurant Standouts

A new food hall concept is gathering many of Tijuana’s most high-profile eateries into one border-adjacent venue. The Park, located inside the NewCity Medical Plaza, brings together concepts by local culinary stars including Ruffo Ibarra of Oryx and Georgina Restaurante’s Adria Marina alongside street eats standouts such as Tortas Wash Mobile.

As shared by The Park manager Jose Abadi, Tijuana has experienced a rising status as a world food destination with a breadth of high-end options and a rich street food culture. “These really are the best chefs and restaurants from this region under one roof, you get a sampling of the flavors Baja is showcasing,” said Abadi.

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The Park Tijuana: Your new food destination is only a stone’s throw away from the San Diego border

The Park, Tijuana’s new exciting food hall, recently opened up at the city’s multi-use development, New City. Situated within a 5-minute walk from the San Ysidro border, you can virtually see the building from San Diego as you approach the border. The excuses for traveling “deep” into Tijuana for good eats are long gone.

The beautiful wood-adorned space has about a dozen eateries ranging from Tijuana street food icons, like Tortas Washmobile, to the city’s breed of young top chefs. The place is filled with Tijuanense families knowing how to do what we do best, eating, and enjoying the time spent with family and friends.

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24 Hours in Tijuana, Mexico: The Perfect Evening Getaway

Just as the city was enticing back travelers with new hotels, a flourishing contemporary art and food scene, the US-Mexico Border crisis and drug violence dominated the front-page news.

Then COVID. Suddenly, a cross-border adventure didn’t seem like such a smart idea.

Ready for the truth?

The time to visit Tijuana has never been better.

For a city with such a long and layered history, there is much that’s new in Tijuana and worth exploring now.

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